2021 Rockwood Mini Lite 2509S

Mahni 2021 Rockwood Mini Lite 2509S
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Musiqi Haqqinda Melumat

In this video Macquel and I show you our new camper. I have been searching for this camper for 5 years, with the help of my amazing wife she finally found us one, and wow is it amazing!

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Social media:
Instgram: fishbrain:
Camera and camera gear:
gopro hero6 camera: mic: mic adapter: gopro housing: memory card:
Camper gear:
6Volt battery: weight distribution: Surge protector: Lynx wheel chock: Lynx leveler's: x-chock: wheel chock's: water regulator: tire protectors: adventure pillow: home pillow: bathroom trash can: kitchen trash can:
Other videos of mine to watch:
sun dolphin boss 12 ss: tackle bag review: kayak fishing with wife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbfcapcFM9Y


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